The regional teaching programme takes place every Friday afternoon and starts at 2pm promptly.

Attendance is mandatory.


Congratulations on your success in the recent FRCS exam.   You are now entering into a new phase in your training programme.   The FRCS exam is an important hurdle in testing your clinical knowledge.   You, as a specialist registrar, may want to consider alternative learning opportunities after your exam when not attending the bespoke ST8 teaching programme.   These guidelines will enable you to stay on the correct side of the training programme.   This is a requirement by the School of Surgery and the Training Programme  Director.   You will only be able to take advantage of this offer if you are currently on an ARCP 1.


  1. Please arrange a meeting with Ms Banks to discuss your intentions prospectively. It would be useful if you could prepare an A4 sized learning agreement with your prospective trainer.

Email: merseyorthoeducation@gmail.com.

  1. You are a useful resource to the training programme as a post-examination trainee and will be expected to teach on clinical days, anatomy days and also on certain Friday afternoons.
  2. There must be clear intended learning outcomes for your Friday afternoon activity agreed with your trainer(s). These should be SMART and reviewed on a regular basis with your trainer(s). Just the same as a learning agreement.
  3. You should keep a diary that proves that you are engaged in this activity for 70% of Friday afternoons.
  4. You should get WBAs for the activity you undertake; PBAs for theatre cases or CBDs/CEXs for clinics etc. These are over and above the 60 WBAs you are expected to get for your annual ARCP.
  5. There should be evidence of reflective writing, both about specific activities where you learnt something and at the end of each 6 months, reflecting on your learning outcomes for this activity.This should be in the evidence section of ISCP.
  6. All of this should be uploaded onto the other evidence section of your portfolio so that it is easily accessible to the panel at the time of your ARCP.

This is guidance only and there is some flexibility, but this needs to be agreed prospectively on a case-by-case basis with Ms Banks.   If there are any further concerns, please contact the Training Programme Director.