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Mersey Orthopaedic Mentoring ‘MOM’


The Mersey Orthopaedic Mentoring (MOM) programme has been set up to benefit new trainees within the Mersey Deanery. Specialty training can be challenging especially when trying to balance work and personal commitments. The aim of the MOM programme is to support new trainees (ST3 and ST4) by pairing them with senior mentors (ST6 and above).

In addition to pastoral support, the senior mentor can be an important source of information and support through the early years of training. New trainees wishing to be mentored are required to complete the mentee questionnaire to allow the supervisors to carryout the pairings based on personalities and needs. This is an opt-in programme and pairings can be changed at anytime if needed. All mentors have attended a mentoring course and have a wealth of experience within orthopaedic training.

Current Committee

Supervisors: Mr Ben Fischer (Consultant T&O - Aintree Hospital)

                        Professor Jim Harrison (Consultant T&O - Countess of Chester Hospital)

Chair: Miss Fatima Rashid (fatimarashid@doctors.org.uk)

Secretary: Miss Clara Vella ()

Treasurer: Mr Matthew Philpott

Webmaster: Mr Mohammed As-Sultany (m.as-sultany@nhs.net.uk)

Head of Research: Mr Tariq Kwaees

Head of Guidance Update: Mr Nas Zreik

Head of Core Trainee Mentoring: Mr Ross McAllister