1958 Society

’58 Committee

Current Committee

President: Mr Ashtin Doorgakant (Consultant at Warrington)

Secretary: Mr James Mcevoy
Contact – 58society@gmail.com

Treasurer: Mr Adam Truss

Webmasters: Mr Sohan Shah | Mr James Chapman
Contact – sohan_shah@hotmail.com

Core Trainee Liason: To Be Confirmed

Past Committee

Secretary 2021-2022: Ms Xenia Tonge

Secretary 2020-2021: Mr Luke Thornton

Secretary 2019-2020: Mr Tom Ankers

Secretary 2018-2019: Mr Nisarg Mehta

Secretary 2017-2018: Mr Neal Ormsby

Secretary 2016-2017: Mr Anil Dhadwal

Secretary 2014-2016: Mr Nick Peterson