Registrars Day Annual Conference 2019

Presenter Instruction



Each presenter will be allocated 5 MINUTES per oral presentation.


Presenters will present in groups of 4 (as below) with time for questions after each group.

Please email your final presentations before 5pm on Thursday 4thJuly to so we can get them all uploaded ready for you on the day.

Please also bring a back-up on a USB stick on the day to negate the inevitable IT disaster


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Posters need to be mounted at the start of the day. The top 3 posters will be invited to give a 3 minute oral presentation.

Poster Allocation

1.    J Widnall – submuscular plating for tibial fractures in paediatric population.

2.    C Vella – TKR survivorship by design philosophy based on NJR data for England & Wales.

3.    N Mehta – Outcomes of revision for recurrent primary THR dislocation.

4.    M Philpott – Posterior approaches to the ankle – an analysis of 3 approaches for access to the posterior distal tibia.

5.    A Newton – Largest described series of distal intersection syndrome: a rare unappreciated cause of radial sided wrist pain.

6.    L Blackburn – The rates of VTE in patients immobilized in a walking boot.

7.    F Rashid – Results of Impaction bone grafting for primary THR in a DGH with no bone bank.

8.    D Bodansky – Are pre-op PROMS in hip & knee replacement consistent over time? A prospective cohort analysis.

9.    S Khan – Can the PATHFx tool help in deciding how to manage metastatic pathologic fractures? A retrospective study evaluating the efficacy of the PATHFx tool.

10.  M Hughes – The assessment and management of paediatric shoulder instability.

11.  B Kapur – Orthopaedic Implant labelling – reading the small print. Preventing a never event.

12.  A Mahmood – Are patients with NOF’s on DOAC’s at increased risk of morbidity and mortality?

13.  T Cash – The benefits of BOASTing. Has implementation of the BOAST ankle fracture guidelines led to earlier surgery?

14.  J Shelton – The prevalence of protrusion acetabuli in primary THR.

15.  M As-Sultany – Does the OPTIModel application help to determine the management strategy in long bone metastatic lesions?

16.  C Chan – Intraoperative spinal cord monitoring with somatosensory, transcranial electrical motor evoked potential and free running electromyography in post-traumatic kyphosis correction.

17.  P Skellorn – Regional variation in implant usage and cost for hip hemiarthroplasty within HENW (Mersey Sector) – informing a discussion on centralised purchasing.

18.  A Dhadwal – Synovasure – Is it the best marker for helping diagnosis of prosthetic joint infections?

19.  S Gandham – An audit to improve the best practice tariff for NOF’s in a DGH.

20.  G Wilson – Weight-bearing radiographs for undisplaced webber B ankle fractures in fracture clinic.

21.  Lara Jayatilaka – Indications and outcomes of distal locking femoral stems in hip surgery. A case series.

22.  M Nagy – Audit on neurovascular injuries in supracondylar elbow fractures.

23.  T Kwaees – Cementation technique for elbow arthroplasty; an international survey of orthopaedic surgeons.

24.  H Benjamin-Laing – Cauda Equina pathway and investigations in a DGH.

25.  S Dorman – Pregnancy, maternity leave and returning to work in T&O registrars – a national review of trainee and trainer experiences.

26.  A Ramavath – Tranexamic acid use in hip & knee arthroplasty.

27.  G Reddy – Association of pre-operative bacteriuria and the risk of developing early prosthetic joint infection.

28.  U Alao – Idiopathic AVN of the scaphoid & lunate.

29.  R Singhal – Outcomes of surgical management of recurrent dislocation of primary THR.

30.  M Mohamed – Alder Hey scan jacket: the future management of adolescent idiopathic scoliosis.

31.  M Fagir – Fragility fractures audit using the VFC database.

32.  N Zreik – patient coaching in trauma & orthopaedics.

33.  D Hawkes – Can grip strength be used as a surrogate marker to monitor recovery from shoulder fatigue?

34.  M Grant – Mentorship in UK orthopaedic training – should we be doing more?

35.  S Abdalla – Audit of shoulder periprosthetic joint infections.