Specialist Training and Education Committee (STEC) for Orthopaedics

The specialist training and education committee (STEC) for Orthopaedics meets twice a year and reviews the training programme and strategy for the region. The committee consists of the Postgraduate Dean, the Orthopaedic Programme Director, the Orthopaedic Education Tutor, representative Clinical Tutors from all orthopaedic units in the region, 1 Regional Advisor from the Royal College of Surgeons as well as 2 Trainees Representatives.

Topics discussed include methods of assessment, manpower issues (such as the recruitment processes at ST3 level), planning for the Friday afternoon teaching and issues related to study leave and courses. If you have any enquiries or issues you’d like to be raised, your first port of call would be to contact one of the trainee representatives:

Tom Cash
Contact –

Marieta Franklin
Contact –