1958 Society

Registrars Day Annual Conference 2017


0800 – 0830: Registration

0815 – 0830: Welcome and address by Mr Vijay Bhalaik, Training Programme Director

0830 – 1015: Podium presentations (Session 1: Trauma, Session 2: Upper Limb)

Trauma Session:

  • James Shelton - Compliance With Nice Guidelines On Provision Or Total Hip Replacements For Fractured Neck Of Femurs In A District General Hospital
  • Lara Jayatilaka - Periprosthetic Infection In Fracture Neck Of Femur Patients
  • Tim Holland - Financial Implications Of Delayed Discharge Following Hip Fracture
  • Mike Hughes - Reducing The Risk During Cemented Hip Hemiarthroplasty At A District General Hospital
  • Benjamin Kapur - Improving Theatre Productivity and Efficiency Utilising Marginal Gains

Upper Limb Session:

  • Ashley Newton - An Evaluation Of The Assessment And Follow-Up Of Suspected Scaphoid Fractures
  • Uthman Alao - Incidence Of Rib Fractures In Low Energy Clavicular Fractures
  • David Hawkes - Shoulder Muscle Coordination Throughout The Globe Of Shoulder Movement: An EMG Study
  • Phil Brown - Single Event Multilevel Surgery Is A Safe Strategy For Managing Upper Limb Neuromuscular Conditions
  • Mohamed Mohamed - Ultrasonography Compared To Radiographs In The Assessment Of Extension Of Magnetically Controlled Rods

1015 – 1045: Refreshments, Trade Exhibition and poster presentations

1045 – 1230: Guest Speakers

  • Speaker 1: Mr Daniel Brown – The Future of Orthopaedic Services in Liverpool
  • Speaker 2: Miss Karen Daly – Brexit: How is it Going to Affect Training?
  • Speaker 3: Mr Derek Pegg – 25 Years in Mersey Region

1230 – 1330: Lunch, Trade Exhibition and poster presentations

1330 – 1515: Podium presentations (Session 1: Paediatrics, Session 2: Lower Limb)

Paediatrics/Trauma Session:

  • Chris Prior - Rationalising Antibiotic Prescribing After Bone Infection Surgery
  • Hafiz Iqbal - A Comparison Of Methods Of Postoperative Analgesia In Children With Lower Limb Frames
  • Allen Stevenson - Paediatric Medial Humeral Epicondyle Fracture Management: A National Review Of Practice.
  • David Hillier - Fracture Fixation Assessment Tool Score (Ffats) - How Does The Score Correlate With Surgeon Training Grade?
  • James Widnall - Pain Scores In Torus Fractures

Lower Limb Session:

  • Mathias Nagy - Cost Analysis On Virtual Clinic Follow Up After Primary Joint Arthroplasty
  • Katarzyna Studnicka - The Effects Of High Tibial Osteotomy (HTO) On Hip And Ankle Biomechanics. Gait Analysis Study.
  • Saif Ul Islam - Returning To Work After Journey II Total Knee Replacement
  • Gautam Reddy - Can The Surgical Approach To The Total Knee Arthroplasty Affect The Post-Operative Rehabilitation And The Time To Discharge? – A Comparison Study Between Trivectar And Medial Para Patellar Approaches
  • Neal Ormsby - The Deltoid Ligament: The Gatekeeper To Midfoot Collapse In Adult Acquired Flatfoot Disorder

1515 – 1545: Refreshments, Trade Exhibition and Poster Presentations

1545 – 1645: Guest Speakers

  • Speaker 4: Mr Allen Stevenson - ORIGIN of BONE - A Quick Update on Research and Audit Network within the Region
  • Speaker 5: Professor Jim Harrison – Mersey and Malawi
  • Speaker 6: Professor Philip Turner – “The FRCS Exam – Why Do We Have One?”

Best Poster – Podium Presentations

1700: Closing address: Mr Cronan Kerin

Prize Winners

Hospital of the Year - Alder Hey

Trainer of the Year - Ms Gillian Jackson

Ian Braithwaite Award - Mr David Hawkes

Research Presentation Prize - Mr James Widnall