Who are we?

ORIGiN is a Trainee Led Collaborative Research Group in the Merseyside Region

Our Aim is to Promote Research, National Audit and Trial Participation Within Our Region and Beyond...

Twitter - @OriginOrtho

Why Get Involved?

5 reasons to get involved with ORIGiN:

  1. Collaborative research is becoming more and more popular
  2. New regional committee with new ideas
  3. Plan to design a formal research methodology course next year (will likely count towards CCT)
  4. Recruiting > 5 patients to a trial counts towards CCT and is very simple (see CCT research requirements below)
  5. Being on a trainee research collaborative committee also counts towards CCT

Registering a Collaborative Study

Have an idea for a regional collaborative study?

Please fill in the ORiGIN collaborative application form and email to our chair Larajayatilaka@gmail.com

*** Current Regional Collaborative Studies ***


AIM: national multi-centre collaborative study reviewing the effect of COVID-19 on higher training in T+O

Registrar Lead - Lara Jayatailaka - larajayatilaka@googlemail.com

All trainees nationally are encouraged to enter their data and will be published as a collaborative author!



AIM: multi-centre, retrospective audit of cases that have presented to the trauma units and have been managed locally, rather than referred to Aintree. This will help care provision in the future in line with BOAST guidelines

Consultant Lead - Mr B Fischer

Registrar Lead - Mr Will Harrison - will.d.harrison@gmail.com

Elliott Smith - elliott.smith@live.co.uk

We need contributors from Warrington, Southport, Chester, Arrowe and Macclesfield.

Adult long bone fractures (including open ankle fractures)
Presenting between the 1st of September 2019 and 1st of March 2020

Cases referred to Aintree for definitive surgery
Open fractures of hand/foot

The proforma attached (Click Here) gives a clear description of the required metrics to be collected.
Elliott has done the work for the Whiston cases and is keen to continue with the regional data amalgamation, analysis and dissemination. Please email Will and Elliot for further information.
Best Wishes,
Committee 2021-22

Chair - Lara Jayatilaka @larajayatilaka

Secretary - Mohammed As-Sultany m.as-sultany@nhs.net

Webmaster - Luke Thornton @LThornton89