Who are we?

ORIGiN is a Trainee Led Collaborative Research Group in the Merseyside Region

Our Aim is to Promote Research, National Audit and Trial Participation Within Our Region and Beyond...

Twitter - @OriginOrtho

Why Get Involved?

5 reasons to get involved with ORIGiN:

  1. Collaborative research is becoming more and more popular
  2. New regional committee with new ideas
  3. Plan to design a formal research methodology course next year (will likely count towards CCT)
  4. Recruiting > 5 patients to a trial counts towards CCT and is very simple (see CCT research requirements below)
  5. Being on a trainee research collaborative committee also counts towards CCT

Registering a Collaborative Study

Have an idea for a regional collaborative study?

Please fill in the ORiGIN collaborative application form and email to our chair Larajayatilaka@gmail.com

Committee ‘19-’20

Chair - Lara Jayatilaka @larajayatilaka

Secretary - Aymen Gabr & Mohammed As-Sultany

Webmaster - Luke Thornton @LThornton89