Specialist Training and Education Committee (STEC) for Orthopaedics

The specialist training and education committee (STEC) for Orthopaedics meets every four months and decides on the training programme and strategy for the region. The committee consists of the Postgraduate Dean, the Orthopaedic Programme Director, the Orthopaedic Education Tutor, representative Clinical Tutors from all orthopaedic units in the region, Regional Advisors from the Royal College of Surgeons as well as two Trainees Representatives.

Topics discussed include methods of assessment, manpower issues (such as the recruitment processes at ST3 level), planning for the Friday afternoon teaching and issues related to study leave and courses. If you have any enquiries or issues you’d like to be raised, your first port of call would be to contact one of the trainee representatives:

Michael Grant
Contact –

Ashley Newton
Contact –

Minutes from previous STEC meetings can be found below.

March 2017

Study Leave: £150 will be ‘top-sliced,’ from our study budget to pay for our Friday teaching. All direct debits to Chester/Mr Braithwaite should be stopped. This therefore leaves you with £655 for personal study leave/courses. There are obviously years around the exam when it is likely that you will ‘overspend.’ Please put in the request for reimbursement even if you are over your limit. Miss Jackson is in charge of signing off study leave forms.

ARCP: faceless 29 & 30th June, face to face 5 & 6th July. The panel aren’t looking for anything different in a faceless ARCP but obviously you aren’t there to direct matters if certain elements are mislabeled/difficult to find. Before the ARCP try and view your portfolio in your supervisors login as this is what the panel see and is different from our login view. It sounds obvious but just try and label things well and put everything in the right place.

Professionalism Module: There is a structured professional module for 8 weeks on a Friday afternoon teaching in the autumn which will be combined with the Manchester trainees. It is compulsory for ST3 and 4 and ST7 and 8. If you miss a week for leave etc you can catch up with what has been done in order to get your certificate which will count as a management course. (see CCT requirement)

Trauma Boot Camp: 29th September 2017 at Aintree run by Mrs Scott– £50, very useful subsidised course.

Critical Condition CBDs: There are going to be additional critical conditions added to the curriculum - CEX in major trauma (so try and do at Aintree or the Royal) and CBD’s in diabetic foot, necrotizing fasciitis and major trauma. Although not on ISCP yet they soon will be.

Royal Banding Dispute: The committee are supportive of the banding dispute at the Royal and are aware it is ongoing. Re-monitoring has just happened and we will keep you informed.

CCT Courses: ATLS and ETS (European Trauma Course) both count/are equivalent.

Teaching Course: Train the trainers course or equivalent – any generic instructor course or ATLS instructor course counts.

Management Course and Research Methodology Course: There is no specific list, you just need to show evidence of being on/done an appropriate course and if you haven’t then you need evidence that you have addressed the curriculum.

October 2017

November ARCP’s and interim reviews: Those having an ARCP should have interim and AES report completed. They should also have approximately half their WBA’s completed to show they are on track for the placement. Interim report – Have initial meeting and interim meeting completed. Again show evidence you are completing regular assessments and are on track for the placement. Read full guidelines sent by Angela for more info as to what is required.

Warrington spines: Awaiting results of the investigation. If the services resume shortly then placements will continue and contingency plan in place for those there presently there. If not then it is likely the placements will move to the royal. Enquiries have been made into possible spinal placements at Walton cnetre, Salford and Oswestry for the future.

VIVA practice: Manchester peri-exam trainees are coming over for VIVA and clinicals in Liverpool and reciprocal arrangements have been made for Liverpool peri-exam trainees to go to Manchester.

Journal access: best access are via the royal colleges. If you go to the websites or call them they will set up an Athens account for you and most relevant journals are on there and better than hospital Athens accounts.

Medical education modules Edge Hill: anyone interested in doing module 1 and not included in the year groups who had automatic funding can apply individually to Mr Bhalaik. You should have an ARCP outcome 1 and depending on numbers funding may be available.

Royal and Aintree merger: the dates are still unknown (likely sometime next year or early 2019). Consultants know that this will be a difficult time and may make placements less popular but the new ROTA will be better than the current ones at each hospital and they are making every effort to try and make Reg’s timetable workable, good for training and not just service provision.